How to compete with other doors factories in China?

When we started our Door business, How to compete with other doors factories in China? This is most important issue to us. As is known to all, customers can receive price lists easily from all over the world by internet nowadays. The cheap price always can attract many customers eyes. It looks like it's an easy way to get orders if door factory makes cheap door. And most of the factories go this way. So in order to quote a lower price. The doors quality becomes worse and worse. In order to quote a low price. The steel is thinner and thinner Eventually customers paid money and time gets a lesson. And complain that no good doors in Chinna. This is not for a long term business at all.

videos on youtube show customer who buy cheap China doors

So make a decent door, a beautiful door always be our top priority. We believe only a good door can let customer buy again and again.
China Double Leaf Aluminium Steel Door
First we need to ensure our doors are perfect doors. Then secondly we use high tech machines reduce our labor costs. And encourage our customer makes standard size doors in order to use mass production to reduce doors costs. eventully give customer High-quality doors with reasonable price .

Comparison of Doors